Administrative development and most important management courses

The intervention depends on changing the organization because of its dissatisfaction with its performance. This requires a strategy for mobilizing the organization's forces on the methods and means that help accelerate the change in the administrative system and reduce weaknesses in organization and management.

To this end, it is necessary to provide many training courses that I believe are important for managers in different positions and different tasks to develop their managerial skills. These courses may sometimes come in the form of training portfolios for administrative development. Supervisors and directors of administrative development, training and senior leadership in organizations. There are many excellent training programs that aim to develop the skills of managers and provide them with knowledge of administrative development and how to benefit from the benefits of development.

The most important training courses that are included in the management development training package are the following training courses. Each group has several specialized sub-courses:

Meetings Management

time management

Administrative Leadership

The art of dealing and communicating

Problem analysis and decision making

Total Quality Management

negotiation skills

the management of change

Management Excellence Skills

Preparation and writing skills

Crisis Management

Working teams

Management Engineering (Engineering)

Administrative creativity and creative thinking

Administrative supervision

Planning skills

Secretarial skills and office management

Marketing, sales and customer service

Human Resource Management

Authorization skills

Conflict management and pressure

Motivation skills

Measure and evaluate performance

Administrative Development

Project Management

Human relationships

Public administration and business administration

Administrative regulation