How to enhance self-confidence


How to enhance self-confidence

Yourself "in simple ways and we will remember some important information said by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Faqi to treat the weakness of self-confidence, and we advise you to browse the Human Development Section after reading this topic

Attention to appearance, many studies have advised, attention to appearance because it makes the psychological state of the human being fairly stable.

Reading books, because it expands your knowledge of life, gives you the freedom to speak and deal with people, and the confidence to speak correctly.

Do not be afraid to take responsibility, because you are already able to afford it, and to accomplish the tasks entrusted to you, do not be afraid of your actions and abilities, this increases your confidence.

Do not recover, and do not postpone the work that it is time, there are priorities to be keen on, and I will break your interest and spend it, because if you accumulated I felt weak confidence false yourself because of it.

Discover yourself, know your weaknesses, and get rid of something, by good habits, such as praying, reading the Quran, or mentioning God, then reading books, and sports.

Focus on the goal and stressed that thinking affects the movement of the body, has been advised that you must show your body expressions that express confidence in the self confidence in the movements of your body and your face does not show weakness and negative energy and even if you feel otherwise. Where you can put your body back and breathe strongly and correctly.

So the first step is to focus on the goal and the second step is good breathing properly and well, the third point is your movements and movements of your body and your facial expressions. The fourth element of the internal elements is the assertions that speaking yourself in a way that supports you and supports your self-confidence. Most people do the opposite, they talk to themselves in a way that does not support them, for example: I can not control my nerves, I am weak and unable to respond well, I am shy from my fear of speaking, I I suffer from stuttering and can not speak well. All these expressions and other negative expressions and affirmations have to be eliminated, because the human mind to some extent acts like a computer and you enter it, it is the ideas and statements that you enter it is actually printed. So there are internal motives:

Steps to Increase Self Confidence:

1. Be candid with yourself, do not try to blame others, use paper and pencil, record all the reasons that contributed to the problem, and identify the main and subsidiary causes that led to the problem.

 2. After you reach the source of the problem, look for a solution, and try to sort out your thoughts what makes me control my fears and regain my own confidence.

3 - convince yourself and echo words and phrases you strongly charged to change and avoid negative thoughts, forgive all their mistakes and start again.

4. Do not compare yourself to others and remember that there are differences between people and that you are distinguished by certain things focused on them.

5. Mix positive and special people, because desperate people will destroy your positives.

 6 - Put in front of you like the top "Prophet peace be upon him"

. 7 - List the pros and cons of every decision you may take, and study the subject in all aspects, and when you determine the best decision and the best decision-making and you are confident of yourself.

8 - Learn from past experiences, review previous decisions and learn the negatives that have occurred and take advantage of past experiences, and review your actions daily and determine what should work differently.

9. Set aside time to think, set aside half an hour to think and plan, go to Hadi's place, think about your goals, set actions to achieve your goal, and assess your progress.

10 - force yourself to focus on the pros and return to research on them.

 11 - Do not forget to pray and read the Koran, it provides the human reassurance.

 12 - take care of your appearance and do not neglect.