Nursing The nursing process involves a set of organized, interrelated steps to provide attention to the patient. This process helps the nurse focus on the patient's interests. This process includes various benefits, including flexibility in working with good thinking; because this concerns the patient's life, The patient is contacted and communicated with, and evaluates the nursing work. In order for the patient to get a better result, the nurse must follow the steps of nursing in order, so as not to harm him.

Nursing students Nursing students study certain materials, such as anatomy, medicine, body functions, and other things. They also learn to care for the patient by applying it to each other, such as using needles. Nurses may receive some post-school training courses to become more proficient. And when the nursing student completes his training courses, he will take the nursing examination. When he passes, he gets a nursing license and can work in this profession. The nurse can obtain a higher degree from his studies by earning more. Berra, the attention and treatment of patients, is the profession of the nurse, where their work varies, some of them working in the hospital, including work at home, clinics, nursing profession has evolved from the past, in order to provide better health care for patients, this profession for people who want attention Where there are many job opportunities for nurses, and nursing is a hard and difficult occupation

Fields of Nursing Students Nursing students can specialize in any field they wish.

Emergency and Accident Nursing:
 Where the nurse cares for people who have had a disease, or an accident, and may need to be treated to transfer to the hospital.

Orthopedic Nursing:
The bone nurse cares for people who have osteoporosis, joints, and sometimes the patient needs to stay in the orthopedic department, so it is the nurse's duty to rehabilitate the patient.

Child Nursing:
 They care for sick children, who need special care, because they are exposed to situations different from others, and their body structure needs care, as it is in the developmental stage. Patients in this section have to provide moral support to them to alleviate their pain.

 Operating theater nursing:
This type of nursing requires high skill, because nurses help surgeons, and may work to clarify the situation of the patient before the start of the process.

Intensive Care Nursing:
 People who have been exposed to the most serious stages of infection, and include people who lose consciousness, and depend on their lives on artificial respirators.