Department of Nursing


      This section provides opportunities for academic education and field training tailored to the student's needs to improve academic achievement. And provides a high quality academic and training environment for students. In this section there is a climate that encourages scientific research by both staff and students section. It focuses on the work of preparing a qualified nurse who is able to meet the health needs of the Palestinian society and to work for fruitful and reciprocal relations with local community institutions, higher education institutions, schools and colleges.

The department also used modern technology in classroom education and teaching laboratories with a simulation laboratory, which simulates a mini hospital that provides the student with a safe environment in training and gives the student an opportunity to train in all kinds of situations that will deal with it in fact. Quality and technology includes 5 teaching rooms, 2 control rooms, 4 discussion rooms, and Debriefing Room.

 Through these advanced and high-efficiency dolls can apply all the nursing skills of each specialization, as they work on the system of (Wireless) and Mshbokh with control devices (tablets) through which control and programming of these dolls in all scenarios and situations that can be seen by students in the hospital and apply to it Before work in the hospital where the student can work all the nursing skills such as the installation of needles and give the drugs and the installation of barbic urine and stomach and hear the sounds of heart and lungs and work to revive the heart and breathing and all other skills that can work with any patient in the hospital.

 The simulator rooms have a complete camera system (SMOTS) to monitor students 'work with patients in the rooms, transfer the image and sound to the other students in the room, and discuss students' work with patients.

In addition to the things used by the College in the modern technology in classroom education and educational laboratories Heart Center of the American Heart Association, which was opened at the American Arab League of the American Heart Association in the Faculty of Nursing where it was accredited and authorized as an international center for training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation after it was equipped With state-of-the-art equipment and technological tools to match the latest international centers.

 It is worth mentioning that a team of highly qualified and competent trainers is working for doctors and nurses in hospitals, medical centers, nursing school students, ambulance staff, civil defense and the local community according to their needs. These include basic heart resuscitation (BLS), advanced heart resuscitation (ACLS) and pediatric heart resuscitation (PALS).