Intensive care


Intensive care is an important unit for the care of patients suffering from serious diseases. It consists of an integrated medical team headed by a specialized physician (head of the department), a nurse, a physiotherapist, and an anesthesiologist, all of whom are there to monitor the patient's condition as soon as he enters the hospital and to leave. This topic is taught by Dr. Mohammed Bahzad Specialist in Internal Medicine and chest and intensive care in the morning hospital.

What are the conditions that require the patient to enter intensive care?
Serious cases such as heart failure, car accidents, memory loss, sudden high blood pressure, acute asthma, heart attack, acute hyperglycemia, severe hemorrhagic Severe Pneumonia, complications of surgery, multiple and multiple fractures, cerebral thrombosis, burns, Falling from high places .. In addition to the patient to enter intensive care must pass through the accident room or through the wing of surgery or internal and review of the head of intensive care.

Attitude is the way in which we consider and deal with situations?
Yes, this depends on the condition of the patient and, accordingly, tests and tests are performed and the necessary radiation is done.

For example, if the patient is subjected to severe acute pain, he is referred to intensive care and delivered to the heart and oxygen monitor, and put the solutions and control pressure directly through the artery and connect it to the ventilator through the mouth to the lungs and the delivery of a tube from the nose to the stomach for nutrition.

What about the role of the nurse in intensive care?
The nurse is a key, important and influential factor that takes care of the patient for 42 hours and monitors the devices connected to the patient (heart-oxygen monitor - inlet and outflow fluids - feeding cycle) and writing reports. And explain the situation after discussion with the doctor concerned to the patient's parents, indicating that this requires that the nurse is highly qualified and skilled (training in the intensive care unit for 3 years).

Is a device that feeds the patient with the necessary oxygen and can provide normal breathing, and explained that the patient may remain long on the device ranging from day to year.

If the patient remains more than three days lead to inflammation of the lung and puncture, leading to air inside the rib cage Pneumothorax and damage to the vocal cords if the two weeks over.

What is inflammation of the blood? What are its symptoms?
Inflammation is called sepsis and its symptoms Elevation in the heat Fast breathing Elevation of the heartbeat Decreasing in pressure Elevation in the number of white blood cells - or falling below the normal range).

How is an injured person treated with anemia?
It is treated with necessary solutions, antibiotics or surgery.

What is the larynx?
Is the incision in the neck to the larynx to connect a tube from the neck to the larynx to deliver air and oxygen to the patient and also to clean the lungs out of the way in the sputum. It is resorted to when the patient on the ventilator more than 21 to 41 days, because of the ease of the process of injury from the device and is used in cases of stroke or complete paralysis.

What is Ecclene Death?
Brain death is still different from one country to another (USA, Canada, UK and France) so that it can prepare brain death in a country and not in another country. Other countries such as Japan and Denmark do not fully recognize the idea of ​​brain death. There is, however, an acceptable view of brain death that has become increasingly important. The actual death of the cell is not required as the standard. Thus, before the diagnosis of death, it is necessary to demonstrate a permanent absence of employment rather than to demonstrate local death.

What is the function of brain death marks?
In this case, there is a need for a competent and experienced doctor who is experienced in clinical examination of brain death cases and the actions required. Also, the patient should be under observation and full care by the doctor and in a specialized center with the necessary capabilities for this.

Of brain death cases
The coma is caused by severe damage to the structure of the brain due to severe injury such as severe head trauma or Cerebral Bleed within the brain or following head surgery, large intracranial tumor or interruption For any reason and to confirm this by the necessary diagnostic means and that it has been at least six hours of the entry of the injured in a coma and the patient has no attempt to breathe automatically.

Tips for the patient

Respect the dates of the visit and the privacy of each patient and not to worry and review the specialist doctor.