The nursing profession


  The nursing profession is a human profession. It is an art and science used by the nurse to provide therapeutic services to the community to maintain the health and well-being of the individual. Nursing also aims to monitor the patient's health during his or her incline on the healing bed and reduce the complications that may accompany the disease. The profession of nursing takes two aspects, one technical and the other moral.

Nursing can also be defined as providing a direct service to a person suffering from a particular health problem to improve his / her health and recovery, and focuses on all physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Nursing may also aim at preventing illness or helping to diagnose, . Nursing history dates back to the era of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and began to develop gradually over time until the nurse became an integral part of the hospital cadres, and no hospital can dispense with it.

 Emerging nursing theories in the mid-20th century focused on four main themes: the individual, the environment, society, and nursing. Developments in humanities theories played an important role in influencing theories of nursing. The four axes are common to all theories of nursing. Including the method of analysis of the four axes and the relationship between them according to the experience experienced by each view and the extent of his experience in the theoretical proposition, and play these theories an important role in the profession; it draws the principles and the course to be followed During practice and application of the profession

These theories seek to arrive at empirical hypotheses through scientific research, and have worked to chart specific philosophical management frameworks in nursing matters, providing administrators with the ability to draw their own insights into the management of their profession.

Nursing Methodology Nursing methodology is the role played by the nurse and provides it to society. In conjunction with the age of the scientific and technological revolution in the health sector, the role of the nurse has broadened and broadened and includes a number of roles as well as physical care provided to the patient,

Provide comprehensive care for community members through spiritual, physical and social___ care,whether during an individual's illness or health.

Instruct the patient and his / her family and teach them ways to prevent diseases and seek to improve their health. Training and teaching other categories of nursing staff.

Contributes to shaping the dimensions of a comprehensive and integrated plan that ensures the provision of ideal health care to community members. Nurses are encouraged to participate in scientific research on health care.

Coordinate its health services. He becomes eligible to administer nursing services and is also able to supervise various nursing departments.

Contributes to the development of professionals in the nursing profession by participating in the development of curricula related to the development of workers and the development of their abilities in addition to teaching the method of care.

Providing full health care to the patient.
Prevention of disease and reduce the chances of infection.
Reducing the patient's suffering and relieving it.
To maintain the safety and health of individuals at best.